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Injection Molding Screws, Barrels & Tips Assemblies



We do something different from other manufacturers and suppliers, we ask you to ask to certify all the material. We run into parts that the customer said they ordered one thing and we test it to be something else. So please make the supplier certify what they build your components out of,  we will!!!
If they don’t give us a call!Rebuilds or new on all machine types for Injection Molding and Extrusion equipment. We supply all OEM standard or components designed to increase your production. All our production is manufactured in the US of the highest quality for the plastic Industry. We stock and supply components of all material from high ware and general purpose applications. Tips in three piece, four piece, free flow and locking style designs.

Slide Products / Mold Maintenance



We are the largest stocking distributor in the country Slide Products is on the cutting edge of formulating mold maintenance solutions and has been doing so since the 60′s. All products are formulated and designed for injection molding. We have the number one mold release, Mold Cleaner and rust preventive in the market for Injection molding. With our pricing there is no reason not to buy from the best. Give us a call for your free samples of Slide’s products

Coil Heaters, Cartridge, Barrel Band and Nozzle Band (Sealed and Mica) Heaters for any Industry



We accomadate a vast amount of different style heaters from nozzle bands to strip heaters.We keep most nozzle bands in house or in stock at our manufacturing facility and can get cartridge heaters as well as mica bands out with a 1 day expedited lead time and any other as soon as 5 business days. We purchase and supply a large number of heaters of any kind that keeps our prices competitive with other suppliers and with a unbeatable lead time.

Injection Molding Equipment


  • Portable Chillers & thermolators manufactures water temperature control and oil circulating temperature control equipment,portable chillers, pump tanks and central systems.

spade thermocouplebayonetthermocouple

  • We supply thermocouples of any shape and size from a probe compression style to the common 3/4″ x 3/4″ spade style thermocouple to a No 8. eyelet style. Most thermocouples if not found in stock can ship between 2-5 business days.

inclineconveyor coolingconveyor

We supply a fully customizable line of conveyors for any of your plastic parts needs.

Mold Shields, Chutes, Gaylord and Drum Covers


We supply the patented system of mold shields that keep your parts where they belong and then with our drop chutes, skirts and angled chutes we are able to design any system that allows the proper destination of the part either to the bin or the conveyor or to the person.